Asad Qizilbash

The Classical Sarod Player


  • 1973 - Asad Qizilbash started learning violin when he was around 8 years old. At 10 years age, he was asked to perform in a function patronized by UNICEF: "The Universal Children Day". This was in 1973, in Islamabad. It was his first public performance.
  • 1975 - Asad Qizilbash became a performent member of the children Art Workshop" at the Pakistan Council of Arts (PNCA).He was playing violin and the guitar. He remained member of this workshop till 1982, when he left for the Middle East. During those days he used to play daily at the workshop. At the same period e became a contract musician at the Pakistan Television, the PTV.
  • 1981 - Asad Qizilbash was selected with some other musicians to represent Pakistan at the Attaturk Festival, in Ankara. He was playing violin and guitar. This was an invitation from the Radio-Television authorities of Turkey. On that same year he met Ustad Amjad Ali Khan in Pakistan, for the first time.
  • 1983 - "KASBEY QAMAL", a television serial by the PTV where Asad Qizilbash was performing sarod and violin.
  • 1984 -."PANGNAT", a television serial by the PTV where Asad Qizilbash was performing for the musical background .
  • 1990 and 1992. Sarod concerts at the Tagore Institute in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany.
  • 1992 - Since his return to Pakistan, Asad Qizilbash is playing sarod, mainly. His talent is largely recognized , and he has performed already in four RAG RANG: 1993, 1994, 1997, and 1998. These are very exclusive concerts reserved only for classical musicians of highest level.
  • 1993 "RASELAY LOG" a television serial by the PTV where Asad Qizilbash was performing sarod.
  • 1994. "STANDBY STUDIO", a special program run during the election campaign and where Asad Qizilbash was participating in a music event with other musicians.

  • Best Musician Of The Year  (PTV-Pakistan) (2003)

  • Peter Gabriels Womad Festival  (United Kingdom) (2003)

  • Muzekpublique  (Belgium)  (2005)

  • 7th Asian Art Festival  (Foshan-China) (2005)

  • Dranouter Festival (Belgium) (2007)

  • Melody For Dialogue Among Civilizations  (Unseco-Paris-France) (2007)

  • All Pakistan Music Conference (APMC) (2008)

  • (MIM) (Museum Of Instrument)   (Belgium)  (2009)

  • Tehzeeb Festival   (Karachi-Pakistan) (2010)

  • Volkerkundemuseum   (Muchen-Germany)  (2011)

  • Mela Festival   (Oslo-Norway)  (2013)

  • Botaniqui  Belgium  (2013))

  • Espace Senghor (Belgium)  (2013)

  • Muziekpublique   (Belgium)  (2014)

  • Maulid Festival  Belgium)  (2014)

  • Muziekpublique (Solo Night )  (Belgium)  (2015)

  • Esperanzah Festival (Floreffe) (Belgium)  (2016))

  • Festival d´Art de Huy (Huy) (Belgium)  (2016)

  • Festival de Wallonie Rencontres Inattendus (Tournai) (Belgium)  (2016)

  • Festival de Walonie en BrabantWallon (Abbaye de Villers La Ville) (Belgium) ( 2016)

  • Beurs/Bourse Bruxelles (Belgium)  (2016)

  • Culture Centrum Brugge (Brugge) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Festival Van Vlaanderen (Kortrijk) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Kunst op de Vlucht Bourla (Antwerpen (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Festival des 5 Continents ( Switzerland)  (2017)

  • Gentse Feesten (Gent) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Globaltica (Gdynia) (Poland)  (2017)

  • Festival Nomade des Musiques du Monde d' Uzes (France)  (2017)

  • Sfinks Festival  (Boechout) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Soiree Musiques du Monde (Eupen) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Pas Univeristeit (Maastricht) (Holland)  (2017)

  • Sin-Baafsabdij (Gent) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • 11-11-11  Bruxelles (Belgium)  (2017)

  • CC Het Bolwerk (Vilvoorde) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Arenberg Schowburg (Antwerpen) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • De Zwaan (Heis-op-den-Berg) (Belgium) (2017)

  • CC Dison  (Dison) (Belgium)  (2017)

  • Africolor (Bobigny) (France)  (2017)

  • 30CC  (Leuven)  (Belgium)  (2017)

  • W:Hall (Woluwe-St-Pierre(Belgium)  (2018)

  • Centrum Culturel Regional Du Centre (La Louviere) (Belgium) (2018)

  • De Warande (Turnhout)  (2018)

  • La Venerie (Bruxelles)  (2018)

  • Rocher Le Paimer (Bordeaux) (France)  (2018)

  • Cultuurcentrum Het Perron (Leper)  (Belgium) (2018)

  • Ancienne Belgique (Brussels) (Belgium) 16-02-2019

  • De Roma (Antwerpen) (Belgium) 17-02-2019

  • Festival Paroles D Hommes (Soumagne) (Belgium) 23-02-2019

  • Salle Philharmonique Liege (Liege) (Belgium) 01-03-2019

  • CC Ath (Ath) (Belgium) 02-03-2019

  • Handelsbeurs Gent (Gent) (Belgium) 09-03-2019

  • C-Mine Genk (Genk) (Belgium) 13-03-2019

  • BRUGGE  (Belgium) 27-03-2019

  • Espace Rony Coutteure (Grenay) (France) 29-03-2019

  • Comines-Warneton (Comines) 03-04-2019

  • CC Action Sud (Viroinval) (Belgium) 06-04-2019

  • Ferme Du Biereau  (LLN) (Belgium) 10-05-2019

  • Ter Veston (Beveren) 16-05-2019

  • Festival Koln (Koln) (Germany) 31-05-2019

  • Brosella Festival (Brussels) (Belgium) 13-07-2019

In addition, Asad Qizilbash performs for all the official visitors at the President Palace and Prime Minister House (in average, twice a month.

Hillary Clinton U.S. Secretary Of State (2009)

Prince Charles (United Kingdom) (2006)

President Bush (United States Of America) (2006)

Suleyman Demirel (president of Turkey)

Begun Khaleda Zia (Prime Minister of Bangladesh) (2006)

Haider Aliyev (President of Azerbaijan)

Islam Karimov (President of Uzbekistan)

Prof. Barhanuddin Rabbani (President of Afghanistan)

Enomali Rkhmaniv Sharifovich (Head of State, Tajikistan)

Fidel V. Ramos (President of Philippines) (1997)

Jiang Zemin (President of China) (1996)

Heads of State and government to the ECO Summit (1995)

 Nelson Mandela (South Africa) (1992)

Asad Qizilbash performs also for various associations (French Cultural Centre, American Cultural Center, Asian Study Group, etc.) and official institutions (various Embassies, High Commissions, etc.) Asad Qizilbash has been a very much demanded accompanist when western groups of classic musicians are coming to Pakistan. He is keen in such interactions. These happen to be at times in form of jazz or folk music as well. Asad Qizilbash accompanies them, fr the greatest pleasure of all, In the meantime, Asad Qizilbash keeps offering lively evenings at the private parties as well.


All in all, Asad Qizilbash happens to be a much gifted musician, and able to share his talents with much simplicity, across all cultural border. He has proven this throughout the numerous concerts he has performed.